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Platform's offer

Loan originator
Loan country
Buyback obligation
Shareholders guarantee
Loan Available
Moneyveo Asia PTE. LTD.
12.00 %
325 d
€ 19980.00
Alocash Company Limited
13.00 %
725 d
€ 36557.24
Alocash Company Limited
13.00 %
730 d
€ 38554.49

Our main qualities

⚊ Skin in the game

In it to win it. Our loan originator shares the risks with investors in case of loan default without any recovery. Feel confident knowing Limedot is committed to maximizing your gains.

⚊ Buyback guarantee

All loans include a buyback guarantee, which means that if a borrower is more than 60 days late, the loan originator will buy back the loan in full, including accrued interest.

⚊ User experience

With Limedot, you will find the most convenient and practical features selected to make your investment experience fast and simple, such as Auto-Invest and a Secondary market.

Start investing and take charge


Pre-select investment criteria and automatically participate in matching deals on the primary market.

Secondary Market

Sell claims on the Secondary Market with markup or discount and withdraw funds before loan maturity.

No fees

Enjoy the freedom of fee-free passive income generation. Take advantage and grow your wealth without extra charge.

Adapt and combine

Adjust your strategies whenever you need to. Invest manually while simultaneously using the Auto-invest.

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How to begin

Before you start

We are committed to providing you with a secure and reliable service that you can rely on for your investment needs. Yet it is crucial to carefully review and understand the risks to make informed decisions.

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Keep in mind

If you're at least 18 years old and living in the EU, you can become a Limedot investor! It is simple, quick, and all online. Simply register to start earning passive income today. Don't wait, start investing now!

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LIMEDOT operates an internet-based information system and act as a facilitator that connects Lenders that wish to list their Loans on the Platform with Investors who wish to participate in the performance and cash flows of such Loans by way of purchase of Claims.

LIMEDOT acts as a commercial agent in relation to the Lender and operates the Platform not as a place to collect funds, but as an intermediary in the sale (assignment) of already existing loans therefore giving the opportunity to Investors to invest in Lender’s loans.

Limedot acts as a commercial agent to the Lender, by concluding the assignment agreements on their behalf and not to the Investor. Limedot therefore pursuant to Article 3, point (b), of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2), is excluded from the scope of PSD2.

LIMEDOT is not operating as a crowdfunding platform according to European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation 2020/1503.